Oyster Ridge Music Festival

2017 Lineup

Friday July 28
12-1 Kessinger Brothers
1-3 J Shogren Shanghai'd
3-5 Bearheart
5-7 The National Parks
7-9 Rose's Pawn Shop
9-11 Coffis Brothers
Saturday July 29
10-12 Bandscramble
12-1 Kessinger Brothers
1-3 ScriptKiddie
3-5 Bearheart
5-7 Way Down Wanderers
7-9 Good Old War
9-11 The Young Wild
Sunday July 30
9-12 State Competitions
12-1 Kessinger Brothers
1-3 Libby Creek Original
3-5 Coffis Brothers


College was the formative time for Bearheart. It’s been many years since then, but co-founders Matthew Leonhardt and Chris Barrett have taken the years since to continue crafting this vivacious band. Blending folk instrumentation with alt-country and indie rock forms, Leonhardt’s voice brings genuine emotion and feeling to each song, backed by powerful percussion from Barrett.

With years of writing and shows under their belts, Bearheart brings maturity and perspective beyond their years. Various members have helped cultivate the sound of Bearheart over the years, contributing banjo, fiddle, and mandolin, among others, with Barrett and Leonhardt maintaining the core of Bearheart, pushing their sights higher every year.

Since releasing their debut self-titled EP in September 2013, they have been featured on Brite Revolution's weekly sampler, featured on American Songwriter's Daily Discovery page, and were selected as one of Nashville's top 32 bands to participate in Lightning 100's Music City Mayhem 2014. Following the band’s second release, Glass Half Full, Bearheart received a feature on Nashville’s Lightning 100 Artist of the Week, and made their way once again into the Music City Mayhem in 2015.

Through interchanges of both musicians and instruments, Bearheart returns in 2017 to continue their writing and performance in shows and music festivals, with a fresh outlook on their sound.

Good Old War

Good Old War will release their fourth studio album and first on Nettwerk Records, Broken Into Better Shape on June 30. Produced by Jason Lehning (Mat Kearney, Dolly Parton), and featuring lead single “Tell Me What You Want From Me,” it follows critically acclaimed Come Back As Rain, which debuted at #1 on Billboard's Heatseekers, and led to national TV performances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Conan.  Good Old War has earned the loyalty of an ever-expanding fan base thanks to their captivating live shows touring along side a diverse group of artists including Alison Krauss, Guster, Brandi Carlile and Dr. Dog.

Keith Goodwin is a singer/songwriter/mutli-instrumentalist who owns a cat named King and a dog named Jet. He’s a middle child with two children of his own. Keith writes at least one idea for a song each day and is known for unique stage dancing.
Dan Schwartz is a music-obsessed Sagittarius with a bike riding habit the size of Philadelphia. He is also a coffee enthusiast and an avid reader who doesn’t need a movie to be “good” to like it. He enjoys a game of dominos and a shot of whiskey with friends. Most of all, Dan is a guitar player, songrwriter, and harmony singer.

J Shogren Shanghai’d

J Shogren Shanghai’d from Centennial, Wyoming (population 100, 4 bars) have a singular vision of what they are doing musically-Roots and folk music filtered through a contemporary dissonant transmitter.
Shogren’s backstory is kinda wild…musician trapper economist who worked for the King of Sweden and President Clinton, was a party to the Nobel Peace prize with VP Al Gore….and writes songs about Salvation and Lutefisk...wild.
They call their music “catawampus American music”. Shogren shows up with a lived-in rasp of voice, acoustic guitars, a mandolin and a batch of his own songs and some well-traveled numbers by cohorts from another time. Shogren has released numerous albums over the last decade, played all over the Rocky Mtn  region and Europe, and International Blue Challenge in Memphis.
Shogren was a finalist in the 2016 NewSong Music, held at the Lincoln Center in NYC in Dec 2016.

Rose’s Pawn Shop

Paul Givant – Lead Vocals, Guitar & Banjo
John Kraus – Banjo, Electric Guitar & Vocals
Tim Weed – Fiddle, Mandolin & Vocals
Stephen Andrews – Upright Bass & Electric Bass
Christian Hogan – Drums & Vocals
It may come as a surprise to hear the strains of Appalachian and Americana music channeled through five guys from Los Angeles, CA, but heartache, loss and regret have always been the cornerstones of great music, and this city has more than its share. In a town better known for porn stars and face lifts, anything as authentic and heartfelt as ROSES’S PAWN SHOP is a pleasant surprise.
Singer/songwriter Paul Givant grew up on the same disparate array of popular musical styles as any other late 20th century kid. In that mishmash of Rock, Punk, Country, Pop, and Rap, it was American Folk and Bluegrass that rooted deepest in Paul, transforming him and his songs. Having made the rounds in various rock bands since early high school, Paul decided it was time to take his growing batch of new folk-oriented songs and create a band that could deliver this material the way he imagined it sounding.
As so many fortuned events have unfolded, it was through a series of chance meetings, twists of fate, and a little help from Craigslist, that Paul met kindred spirits in Stephen Andrews, John Kraus, Tim Weed and Christian Hogan. Together they began building the music and the band that would soon become ROSES’S PAWN SHOP. They combined, in their collective musical melting pot, the old style American sounds of Woody Guthrie, Bill Monroe, and Hank Williams with a higher energy approach more reminiscent of modern Alt-Rock, all with a deeply melodic songwriting sensibility. The goal was to create a sound that was unique, yet imbued with a sense of familiarity.
The final ingredient was added one fateful day when Paul’s scorned ex-girlfriend/former band-mate, Rose, in an act of revenge, stole the band’s gear and instruments from their practice space and brought it down to the local pawn shop. Priceless! The match was lit … and ROSES’S PAWN SHOP was born! (Of course, not until after they got their gear out of hock!)
In 2010, the near-current line-up of the band recorded the album “Dancing on the Gallows,” and the band began hitting the road. Once the final line-up was locked in, they began touring the United States more consistently and have ever since. On any given night, you could find ROSES’S PAWN SHOP playing the Georgia Theatre in Athens, busking the streets of Jackson Square in New Orleans, opening for Jack White and The Raconteurs at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, ripping the walls off the club in their month long residence at the Parkside Lounge in New York City, or hitting the main stages of prestigious festivals such as Floydfest in Virginia and Wakarusa in Arkansas. The band is out there, growing their music, iginiting their passion, and converting an ever-increasing congregation of fans.
With an arsenal of guitars, banjo, thumping upright bass, fiddle and drums, delivering neo-classical-sounding melodies and lyrics, their sound is a wholesome mishmash of creek mud, rusty nails and your mom’s cookin’. It’s sincere, straight-forward and sexy as fuck, effortlessly combining such disparate musical styles as rock, country, bluegrass, and punk to create an incomprehensibly smooth and accessible sound for true believers and skeptics alike.
They confront traditional country music themes of loss, lamentation, and redemption, with a couple of drinking songs for good measure. Sure, they’re borrowing pages from the books of Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, and Johnny Cash, but ROSES’S PAWN SHOP takes those pages, tears them up and sets them on fire with three and four part vocal harmonies and lyrics that’ll break your heart.
Something happens when you hear these songs. No matter how low you’ve sunk, something in the music finds you. It picks you up and carries you home.
In September 2014, ROSE’S PAWN SHOP released their newest album, Gravity Well, produced and mixed by Ted Hutt (Old Crow Medicine Show, Gaslight Anthem, Dropkick Murphy’s) to great critical and fan acclaim. The band is currently on tour is support of that album.


Do you remember your first deep emotional connection with art?
Can you recall the vulnerable and noble jealousy you felt?
 “Connections this profound are supposed to be exclusive,” you privately raged.   
 Vulnerability was palpable in that moment.  There was an absolutely honest performance… a character played so generously and written with such virtue and precocity that your sensibilities could not keep up.  You were emotionally submitted.  You blissfully reached your absolute emotional capacity and surrendered.  Now, the character’s secret struggle became yours to allay.   
Your chivalry… your impulse to nurture was so full that when the performance ended you literally ached to lavish the full measure upon a character that had vanished.   
 What contribution could this possibly make?  If you know… then you are a collector of sunbeams.  
 If you’re not sure… if you’ve forgotten, listen and watch.  An enormous contribution has been made here in your interest.  
 Be warmed.
 Be lifted.
 Be warned.
 Be lavishing.

The Coffis Brothers

The Coffis Brothers & The Mountain Men are a rootsy rock n’ roll band born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Every bit as influential as their early surroundings, songwriters Jamie and Kellen Coffis’ blend of folk, blues, R&B and straight ahead rock are evidence of an upbringing spent listening to all of the right records from Tom Petty, Neil Young, and The Beatles.
Released in February of this year, Wrong Side of The Road is The Coffis Brothers second full length album. Recorded at Gadgetbox Studios in Santa Cruz with engineer and producer, Andy Zenczak (Camper Van Beethoven’s Greg Lisher), the album features contributions from friends of the band like Jim Lewin (Great American Taxi, Todd Snider), Ryan Avellone (The Brothers Comatose) and jazz vocalist Tammi Brown (Stanley Jordan).
Getting out and playing for fans both old and new has always been first and foremost for The Coffis Brothers.  It was after all, these fans that funded Wrong Side of The Road on Kickstarter – pledging over 150% what the band needed.  It’s not only concertgoers that are taking note either…
“The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men have developed a sound that has an easy rock vibe that’s actually hip.” – San Francisco Chronicle
“The Coffis Brothers mix a blend of folk, country and rock with the intensity of personal lyrics into a gritty and often tender harmony of sound… a show that delivers one part Avett Brothers and one part early Neil Young for a full night of dancing and fun.” – Santa Cruz Weekly
Jamie and Kellen are joined by Kyle Poppen on lead guitar, Aidan Collins on bass and Henry Chadwick on drums. Their debut self titled full-length album was released in 2011 and was followed by 2012’s Waiting For You EP

The Libby Creek Original

The Libby Creek Original is a mainstay of the Wyoming music scene. Singer/songwriter Patrick Harrington and mandolinist Jackson Clarendon met in a basement in early 2012, and haven't quit singing together since. Early on they added Lucas Woodbury on bass, Ryan Bell on drums, and Collin Ingram on electric guitar. And with that they take their music to the picture-perfect Wyoming skies and landscapes they so often sing about. Taking their name from their backyard playground in the Snowy Range Mountains, the Libby Creek Original has a deep connection to the mountains and the rivers that flow from their peaks. Their time in the woods become introspective songs about rivers, mountains, and high country plains that tell the story of wild Wyoming living, while energetic arrangements propel dancers to their feet.

The National Parks

We began making music as The National Parks in Provo, Utah in early 2013. In September of that year we released our first album, Young, and (along with our January 2014 standalone single, “As We Ran”) we saw more success than we could have expected for a debut launched with little-to-no idea of what it took to get our music out beyond our local scene. The album climbed to #13 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart and helped us get on the road to play shows in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York and with some really awesome musicians like Andy Grammer, The Lone Bellow, LeAnn Rimes, and The Moth & The Flame.

Our experience playing in front of crowds factored into the development of our second album, Until I Live, in a very serious way. We wanted to take all of the things we loved most from that record and amplify, enhance, and experiment with them. The result of that effort is a ten-track album that we think maintains the heart and sincerity of Young but that also does its own thing too. We released Until I Live in September 2015 and were once again blown away as the album climbed charts – iTunes Pop Chart and Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart. We were thrilled to hear in April 2016 that “Monsters of the North,” a lead single from Until I Live, was announced as a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition – one of the world’s premiere songwriting competitions. Press from major outlets such as NPR’s All Songs Considered, CMT Edge, and Pop Matters has fueled additional momentum and allowed us to continue touring into 2016, now having played in 50+? cities in 17 different states, including performances at SXSW, CMJ Music Marathon, Make Music Pasadena and Canadian Music Week.
Although we saw a number of changes over the first two years we’ve now settled into a dynamic 5-piece group with Brady Parks (Denver, CO) and Sydney Macfarlane (Kaysville, UT) still leading the way and John Hancock (Sacramento, CA), Doug Patterson (Provo, UT), and Megan Taylor (Draper, UT) each contributing in a variety of ways to make our live shows sound as full and complete as the recordings.

The Kessinger Brothers

Dan Kessinger, a traditional West Virginia artist and state champion, plays a variety of musical styles on the fiddle and the guitar; bluegrass, country, blues, rock, jazz, and swing. Dan has consistently placed in the National Flatpicking Championship on both the fiddle and the guitar. A native-born living West Virginia flat picking legend.

Robin Kessinger headlines many festivals and judges up-and-coming flat-picking artists in contests around the country. Robin lists his influences as “everything I listen to”; his father, Bob; and his great uncle, fiddler Clark Kessinger.

The Way Down Wanderers

Equal parts fast-paced and soulful, 5-piece modern-folk Americana act, The Way Down Wanderers, draw listeners in with energy, originality and soulful generosity. Playing, performing and writing together for just 3 short years, the Wanderers have built an enthusiastic and fast-growing following. Youthful and professionally trained, these young men captivate audiences with soaring instrumentals, foot stomping sing-alongs and a lively stage show and have created a buzz for themselves with their unplugged, off-stage encores and propensity for performing self-titled, “restSTOMPS” - free acoustic sets at rest & truck stops along their tour routes. The band’s debut, self-titled album, produced by Mike Marsh of the Avett Brothers and recorded at Sonic Ranch in El Paso TX, is now available wherever music is sold.

International Song Writing Competition finalist,“Dead Birds,” is available on Spotify, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold.

Front-men and founders, Austin and Collin, met in their hometown of Peoria, IL when they joined the same folk band and embarked on their first tour at the ages of 14 and 18 years old. The two became fast friends and soon began writing music together, ultimately forming The Way Down Wanderers when Collin was 16 and Austin, 20 years old.

Austin Thompson - guitar, lead & harmony vocals as well as percussion in the studio. Austin studied music at the collegiate level where he grew as a musician. Austin finds much inspiration for his lyrics in the beauty of nature and his love for hiking. He adds his unique musical influences of rock, folk and the spoken word to the music he writes and performs.

Collin Krause - Collin plays mandolin, fiddle and sings lead and harmony vocals for the band. Collin became involved in music when he began taking classical violin at the age of 3. Growing up around traditional roots & bluegrass music had a big influence on him. Collin enjoys writing, co-writing and arranging music for the band.

John Merikoski- Drums, Percussion. John has been playing drums since age nine and is featured on dozens of recordings, ranging from Jazz and Metal to Hip-hop and Bluegrass. In 2012 he was awarded a full ride scholarship to study Jazz performance for drum set at the University of Illinois where he has taken a break to pursue The Way Down Wanderers, full-time.

John Williams - Upright bass and vocals. John is a former classical upright bass performance major who also enjoys singing, song-writing and entertaining a crowd

Travis Kowalsky - Banjo & fiddle. Travis got his start in music at a very young age in his family band. He is entirely self-taught and can play pretty much any instrument he picks up. The Wanderers were lucky enough to meet Travis at his home town festival in Alpena Michigan and he has been touring with them ever since.

The Young Wild

All things considered, the Young Wild should not exist.
Which is to say, film majors and chemistry majors rarely jam together.
Odds are slimmer they’ll commit their entire careers to the noises produced.
And if a drummer catches said film major stealing his cymbals after jazz ensemble, he’d sooner tell him off than join his band—right?
Wrong—these are the kinds of events that brought The Young Wild together.
What if singer/guitarist Bryan Williams pursued a career in film? What if bassist Gareth Moore committed full-time to a lab coat and test tubes? Perhaps drummer Brandon Zedaker lost himself in the bottomless expanse that is jazz and never climbed out?
This is to say, listening to The Young Wild is catching a reaction mid-combustion.
Tangential threads from San Diego, Temecula and Hawaii sewn into circumstance and the pursuit of a similar sound: modern alt-rock played on vintage tubes and synths excavated from the depths of eBay. The music is reminiscent, yet never derivative, of influences like Tame Impala, Father John Misty, The Killers, Delta Spirit and Cold War Kids to name a few. A combination of classic rock chops earned from years in cover bands, and the cool chime of alt-rock (a la Devo and Alphaville) cut with William’s allegiance to soul, Motown and precision groove. New wave with an old soul. All of the angst ridden youth, all of the hindsight.
Yet, for all their chemistry, The Young Wild is not a precious product of instagram and a sell-your-soul pursuit of labeldom. The fact is, the songs came faster than they knew what to do with them—the attention followed.

After releasing the single “Not A One” online, the band received looks and listens from blogs and label heads, including Fairfax Recordings’ Kevin Augunas, who reached out to share his excitement about the track. As it happened, The Young Wild was on a tour that brought them to Los Angeles the very next day. They played a show that Fairfax reps attended, and spent the following day touring the studio, shaking hands and making an impression that led to an offer to sign just a few days later.
“There’s a landscape that these songs stand on,” says William about the material for the band’s upcoming album. “Like, downtown Los Angeles on a Thursday at two AM is a very specific landscape. People are making mistakes, people are self-medicating, people are rehashing old drama. Do you face the feeling or run from it?”


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