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Tom Bennett & Rooster

Tom Bennett is an authentic traveling folk blues singer. He learned the blues sitting alone in a Georgia hay field. There in the deep South he found his passion.

He picked up the harmonica after being given one by an old woman. As fortune would have it he found plenty to sing about, riding the rails, hitch hiking, dealing cocaine, as well as studying religion and serving the community.

His music gives listeners an authentic sound and restores the lost art of story telling through music. Each song weaves together a tapestry of adventure, love and what it means to be " constantly in awe of the great mystery which surrounds us."

Tom has now spent four years touring the USA. He has performed everywhere from street corners to the steps of the Utah Capitol building where he sang for 10,000 people.

He performs on dobro with a slide, Lee Oskar Harmonicas (preferred player) vocals and foot percussion. He is in the process of putting together a touring band.

If you have the opportunity to attend one of his many shows you will be guaranteed an experience that wont soon be forgotten.

Tom has been featured in media all over the USA including USA Today. He is the founder of the Colorado City Music Festival which takes place each Spring on the Utah/ Arizona border in the town of Hildale Utah.

He is the founder of Sweet Salt Records, a community of traveling Americana artists.

He is also the founder of H.O.W.L (Holy Order Of Wildlife) a philosophical/spiritual community based on the statement "we are constantly in awe of the great mystery which surrounds us."


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