RAFFLE: 2018 Wyoming Commissioner's License

Thanks to Commissioner Mike Schmid for donating this license to support The Oyster Ridge Music Festival. This donation will significantly bolster the economic impact that the music festival will have on not only the local level but also on the regional and State levels. The funds generated from this raffle will allow the festival committee to book top tier, high quality bands, who were never accessible to the festival due to funding issues faced in the past. Bringing in high caliber bands from all genres will bring more people to the event, thus creating an economic stimulus to the local economy which is highly needed. It will also make for an extremely enjoyable and memorable event for festival goers for years to come.



Why should you purchase a raffle ticket for the ORMF Commissioner License?

This is the largest, most opportunistic fundraiser that ORMF has ever attempted, and the timing of us receiving this license could not have been any better! Next year we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Oyster Ridge Music Festival. If this raffle is successful, it could MORE THEN DOUBLE our music budget in 2019. We will leave it your imaginations as to what next year’s lineup could potentially look like with a budget that is more than double! We can assure you that it will be phenomenal, and we are already in talks with musicians in the event that this raffle succeeds.

If you have ever considered donating to ORMF, or are just a fan, please consider purchasing a ticket! You’re $100 contribution will go a long way and will ensure that 2019 will be the most incredible festival to date!

What is a Wyoming Commissioner’s License?

Each year, the Wyoming Game and Fish issues Commissioner Licenses to their commissioners who have the ability to award the licenses to non-profit organizations to be used to raise funds. Terms of the license state that it must be either auctioned to the highest bidder, or raffled.

These licenses are extremely coveted because they allow the holder to select one of three species to hunt – either Deer, Elk, or Pronghorn. The most important thing to note is that the holder is also allowed to select the hunt area that they would like to hunt in, and THIS DOES INCLUDE LIMITED QUOTA AREAS!

If there is a hunt area for elk that you have always wanted to hunt but have never been able to draw, this is your chance! If you want to hunt the Red Desert for Elk, you choose that and it’s yours. If you want to hunt a late season deer area, it’s yours. If you want to hunt a late season elk near Cody – it’s yours!

Because of the ability to select these limited quota areas, these licenses auction for A LOT of money. So far in 2018, the average auction price for one of these licenses is $17,500.

Why didn’t ORMF auction this license off?

We chose to raffle this license because we wanted everyone who has the desire to hunt a special draw area to have a chance.

What if I win, and I don’t hunt?

The Wyoming Game and Fish will allow the winner to transfer the license to another individual. However, the winner may not sell the license to anyone for more than the purchase price of their raffle ticket (in our case $100). Give it to a friend or family member!

The law also states that the winner may donate the license back to the organization (ORMF) to be auctioned or raffled off again.

What if I’m not a Wyoming Resident?

It doesn’t matter. Wyoming resident or non-resident, this is your license!

What if I draw a license in the regular draw?

You can have two licenses! The Commissioner license is exempt from the rule limiting a hunter to only one license. Let’s say that you drew a limited quota elk license this year in Area 31. If you won the Commissioner license in our raffle, you could choose another limited quota elk license during the late season near Cody.

Two Winners!

As far as we know, the Oyster Ridge Music Festival is the only Commissioner License Raffle that will have two winners selected this year. The first name drawn will win the Commissioner License. The second name that we draw will win a Swarovski Spotting scope that is valued at over $2,000! Both are amazing prizes!

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at ormfbooking@gmail.com

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