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ORMF Teams Up With Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs

Oystergrass fans!

Summer is a time for dreaming, scheming, and living it up! This probably means that you’ll be attending concerts, a festival (attending ORMF, no doubt!), or even a laid-back farmers market where music will be playing in the background.

We all know how much we enjoy listening to good music, but we also know how important it is to hear the music without going home with your ears ringing from the volume being too loud. We have a great solution for you!

This year, we have teamed up with Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs (as seen on ABCs Shark Tank). They are reusable earplugs designed for live music. Unlike standard foam earplugs that block and muffle sounds, Vibes reduce the volume of loud live music to a safer and more comfortable level, while still allowing you to hear the music clearly. Vibes' clear design makes them virtually invisible, so you can be discreet about wearing hearing protection. You won’t ruin your amazing festival wardrobe, which let’s face it, you’ve been planning it since last year’s festival ended. If ruining your outfit isn’t a concern for you, perfect. You can still rest assured that these little gems are going to be some of the best money you’ve spent. Every budget saving guru likes to hear that!

If you are like us and have the need to be in the front row, these will be your new best friend. Keep in mind that the volume of most concerts is at 98 to 110 decibels, which can cause permanent hearing damage after less than 30 minutes (at 98 decibels) and after less than 2 minutes (at 110 decibels). Your significant other will be happy you purchased these because you will still be able to hear their wonderful voice after you’ve lived it up at the festival for three full days listening to back to back concerts. You’ll be a superstar…just like the bands you’ve just finished watching. Do us and your ears a favor and get yourself and your friends/loved ones Vibes today!

Each pair of Vibes also includes:

  • Three sizes of interchangeable eartips to ensure a comfortable fit for any sized ear

  • Pocket-sized carrying case

  • Donation to Hear the World Foundation, which provides hearing healthcare, ear surgeries, and hearing aids to children in need

Use promo code ORMF at checkout to get 15% off + free shipping. Help yourself out – and help ORMF continue to be a free festival that you can enjoy for years to come!

Much Love!

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