Liam and Layne Jordan

Liam and Layne Jordan, twin brothers hailing from the rugged landscapes of Wyoming, form an inseparable musical duo that channels the spirit of the West into their music. Raised against the backdrop of wide-open spaces, their harmonies echo the vastness of the Wyoming skies. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding them, the duo infuses energetic elements of folk, rock, bluegrass, and Americana into their compositions. With an undeniable sibling synergy, Liam and Layne invite listeners on a musical journey that mirrors the untamed spirit of their Wyoming roots. "Amazing talent with a bright future," says Gail Prince Parker.  An upcoming studio session will yield the boys' first release of original songs.

When Liam and Layne were just ten years old, they unearthed their father's acoustic guitar from the confines of the closet. Their budding enthusiasm for music became increasingly apparent, evolving into a genuine passion for the guitar. What began as open mic nights swiftly transformed into performances at clubs and festivals. Their musical journey reached new heights, sharing bills with notable acts such as Jalan Crossland, Shawn Hess and the Country Skillet, Christian Wallowing Bull, and The Patti Fiasco.

Following two years of honing their craft through live performances and songwriting, Liam and Layne made the decision to compile a series of original songs. The result is an upcoming studio album set to be released in the spring of 2024.