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We are a 501C-3 and could use your tax-deductible donations. The Oyster Ridge Music Festival is a FREE music festival, which is why we rely totally on grants and donations to operate.

We need your help! Every year is a struggle to raise the $150,000 it takes to put on the festival. We gladly welcome all donations of any amount. You can make your check payable to ORMF and mail it to: 

PO Box 424
Kemmerer, WY 83101

Thank You to All Our Donors!



Marcia Fagnant

Brett & Mandie Dovey

Steve & Nancy Leach

Patty Beard

Neilson's Furniture and Appliance


Thomas & Janet Lively

Outlaw Supply

Jim & Liz Parker

Larry & Brenda Rupnow

Margaret Gillette

Eric & Julie Backman


Western Veterinary Services

Diamond G Dental

Jennifer Graves

Sloans Beauty Salon & Supply

Place on Pine

Eugene & Sandra Bauman

Frank Daly

Becky Vetos

J & A Wellness

Crystal Ice (Zach & Jill Boylan)


Mya Boren

Scott Pleasants

Sandra Wenerstrom