Will Evans

Will Evans pulls everyone into his embrace. He musically accesses a space without boundaries where all are welcome to commune openly and move freely. Through quotable folk-inspired lyrics, breezy grooves, and roots energy, it’s as if he’s giving you permission to be that pure self you can’t always be at work or even at home...

 The Rhode Island-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist also puts his words into action via his “Kind Folk” fan community, activating small acts of kindness, charity, and goodwill in tandem with performances nationwide. After generating over 50 million streams independently, he inspires once again through a series of 2024 releases and much more to come.

“I want to make music that moves you,” he states. “It’s rooted in compassion, kindness, and community. With anything I release, there’s a lot of passion behind it. I’m always giving you the most authentic version of myself.”

Buzzing out of the East Coast, he has consistently engaged and enraptured a fervent audience. By rotating between acoustic guitar, didgeridoo, handpan, percussive beatboxing, and more, he has developed a living and breathing signature sound of his own. Following Wishin’ Well [2013] and Signal Flares [2015], he reached a creative tipping point on Rise [2018]. Beyond collaborations with Trevor Hall, Mihali, and Paul Izak, it yielded the fan favorites “Adam & Eve”, “Rise” and “Hoka Hey” with over 5 million streams and counting. The album notably garnered three nominations at the New England Music Awards. 2023 saw him share After The Burnt Out Sun. Met with critical acclaim, “a sophisticated collection,” Seven Days professed, “the record showcases Evans' multi-instrumentalist prowess.” Between selling out shows across the United States and Europe, he has graced bills alongside Crosby & Nash, Grace Potter, Bruce Hornsby, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Trevor Hall, and Railroad Earth, to name a few. Meanwhile, “Kind Folk” has supported philanthropic organizations, including Surfrider Foundation, Operation Warm, Do It For The Love Foundation, Always Home, and more. Their campaigns have ranged from beach cleanups, clothing and food drives and benefits for land trust organizations.

All the while, he continually pushes himself sonically.

“I try to find sounds that are grounding ,” notes Will. “Everything starts with the rhythm, but I just love to create this ethereal atmosphere like a blanket around the lyrics. I treat it like a tapestry and add colors. It almost feels spiritual.”

 That’s definitely the case with the 2024 single “The Wild Unknown.” This patchwork of dreamy guitar and vibrant bells finds him in a moment of reflection. The lyrics wrestle with life’s highs and lows only to lift off on the anthemic refrain, “We lit the fire in the wild of the great unknown.”

“It talks about how the mistakes you make and the lessons you learn in life are what really shape you,” he goes on. “All of those things are important to help you on your journey, rather than shutting them out and considering them failures. You need to be strong enough to own those experiences and actions. Life is just a wild ride.”

On “Lay Our Weapons Down,” his mesmerizing vocals practically float atop lithe acoustic guitar. Emotion pours straight from the heart as he wonders aloud, “What are you gonna do when you hit the ground?”

 Then, there’s “Tides.” It layers hummable melodies between gentle guitar and soft piano. He cuts deep with proclamations a la, “It wasn’t a burden, but it was enough to change the tides.”

 In the end, Will has built a place for you, if you need it.

“This is pure music,” he leaves off. “It’s like my sanctuary or my connection to a higher power. I hope it can be the same for you. I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to create.”